Several hikes are possible from the Pairolo hut:

  • Pairolo hut-Alpe Bolla: 2h
  • Pairolo hut-Villa Luganese: 3h
  • Pairolo hut-Foiorina peak: 2h

3-days hike

  • Brè paese-Pairolo hat: 4-5h
  • Pairolo hut-San Lucio hat: 2h
  • Pairolo hut-Monte Bar hut without the peaks: 5h, with the peaks Foiorina and Gazzirola: 7h
  • Monte Bar hut-Corticiasca


The area of the Denti della Vecchia is a true paradise for lovers of climbing with more than 200 routes on limestone.
The Guide of the Denti della Vecchia is available on www.scoiattoli.ch


Several itineraries allow cyclists of all levels to enjoy stimulating experiences and magnificent landscapes:

  • Sonvico, via Rosone, Pairolo hut: medium easy route
  • Cimadera-pairolo hut: short route
  • Traverse from the Pairolo hut to the Monte Bar hut: medium easy route
  • The Pairolo Hut is located along the "Lugano Bike 66". You will find all the information on www.luganoregion.com